Ready or not…


I’ve dwindled the thought of starting this project for nearly five years. FIVE YEARS. I’ve spent five years mostly procrastinating, but also trying to determine what this would all be about. In the last few months I’ve realized that perhaps all along the only thing that was stopping me was fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of opening myself up and being vulnerable.

This is how I'm currently feeling

This is how I’m currently feeling

With help and encouragement from my family and friends, I’ve mustered up the strength to dive in. So after five years I’m still not all too sure what this blog will contain. But I can tell you this: I hope this platform offers my clients and readers a chance to reflect not only on the foods they eat, but how and why they eat. It is my sincere aim to provide readers with opportunities to learn more about our food, where it comes from and how it’s properties can nourish our body (or not).

And most importantly, I hope that sharing my experiences will serve as a connection to me as both a Dietitian and a “normal” person.

More than this being a place for my readers to gain access to recipes and information, I also anticipate there will be moments when my heart is heavy and I will just to need vent frustrations I have with my career in being a Dietitian. Though I may not write things in the most “lady-like” manner, I hope it will encourage people to be naturally curious but also critical about our food. Lastly, what foodie-nutrition blog wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to dispel some silly nutrition myths. Bam!

So here I come cyber universe.



  1. Sunayna Gupta says

    So completely proud of you my friend! I’m excited to have a front row seat as I watch you catapult to success!

  2. Marie says

    Can’t wait to try some of these recipes out! I’m sure lots of my clinic patients would love some fresh new ideas on nutrition and balanced eating, I will definitely be sharing this :)

  3. Marcia says

    Yeah , so excited!!!!! congrats , looking forward to warming up with some Indian recipes. HOT HOT HOT Looking forward to your journey.So glad you took the plunge.YEAHHH

  4. Vanda says

    Nita – This is fantastic and absolutely the way our profession needs to go! I am so very proud to say you are a former student and will certainly be saying ” I taught her” when you make it big : )


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