When we meet new people, they ask, “What do you do for a living?”

We respond by letting them know we work as Registered Dietitians, which almost inevitably leads to the next question, “Oh, cool—so what kind of diet do you follow?”

What is our answer? “No diet! We just eat well.” This is often followed with a puzzled and confused look. So we want to share with you what we really mean when we say eating well:

We like to eat and enjoy everything: we don’t proclaim to be vegan or lacto-ovo-vegetarian, we are not raw foodists and we do not follow a “Paleo Diet”. In our homes, we eat a variety of seafood and meats and do our best to source these locally. Even still, we actively choose to include many meals and snacks in our busy weeks that are made up entirely of plant-based foods like legumes, grains and fruits and vegetables. We do this because we understand the health benefits of eating a variety of plant foods. 


If you want to put a label on us, you can call us “flexitarians.” In the summer time, you’ll catch us barbecuing every type of food imaginable. Every week, you’ll find fish on our menus. And eggs – eggs are a staple in our homes (yes, we eat the yolk too). Nita and Melodieare on the same team when it comes to how they like their eggs cooked: over hard!

We enjoy dairy milk and cheeses—not only because our digestive systems can tolerate them, but also because the taste is nostalgic and they are nourishing foods. But we do admit, some of these new nut-based cheeses are amazingly tasty! 

Growing our own

Melodie’s interest in gardening is limited to only plants that can be eaten; she doesn’t like to spend much time on flowers and such so she leaves those for her mom to tend to. She has participated in community gardens in the past and is in the midst of installing raised beds in her own backyard. Nita doesn’t have much of a green thumb; one year she tried to garden but it was an epic fail. But she’s determined to master it one day!

Go local

Aside from trying to grow our own vegetables and fruits, we are avid supporters of buying local produce, and we take pride in centering our meals around what foods are in season. We are always learning more everyday about our local farmers, about the biotechnology used in farming (we aren’t afraid of GMOs! Feel free to connect with us and ask us why), and how we can best promote a sustainable food system.

When the Farmers’ Markets open, you’ll find us browsing the vegetable stands, nibbling on baked goods and grabbing a bag of kettle corn from the local vendors. Also, we may be found running through the crowds chasing after our defiant toddlers. #momlife

Friends of carbs

And, probably to everyone’s greatest shock, in our homes we are not carb-phobics (intense fear of carbohydrates). In fact, we usually include a grain or starchy food at every meal of the day (sometimes two!). For some, it may not feel right, but grains are a staple for our families. We often enjoy experimenting with quinoa, barley, bulgur and wheat berries, but also stick to basics (whole wheat flour, rice, oats, corn flour).

You’ll find some packaged and processed foods in our pantries. The majority will be some staple canned or dried goods for our Instant Pot meals or for our weekend batch cooking. But don’t be surprised to find a bag of tortilla chips, a box of Kraft Dinner or a few cans of Coca-Cola! GASP! We believe all foods can fit. And leave it to Melodie to always have a stash of High Tea Bakery’s infamous imperial cookies in her freezer!

After many years of exploring what it means to have a balanced lifestyle, we finally feel like we have it figured out… for now! It’s taken us a long time to look past the calorie counting and to comb through the myths and fads out there. Now, instead of always eating to live, we live to eat. The kitchen is the heartbeat of our homes; it’s where we spend most of our time, and where we feel the most empowered to be the best versions of ourselves.

So, what’s your food philosophy?


We like to eat and enjoy everything.

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