Nutrition Coaching for Men

While the focus of our services may appear to have a women’s health focus, we’ve got love for our guys too. So we decided to dedicate some space on our website for all the gents out there who care (or maybe want to care more!) about their nutrition.
Here’s what you need to know:

  • Men are 40% more likely to die from cancer
  • Men are 70% more likely to die from heart disease
  • Men live an average of nine years of their lives in extremely poor health

BUT, here’s where the magic of working with us comes into play:

  • 70% of men’s health problems can be prevented by adopting health lifestyles, which includes improving nutrition

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While it may appear to be seemingly easy for us to preach about nutrition – after all, we eat, live and breathe it! – we put our words into practice and use good food to fuel our passion for nutrition. So, whatever it is that you’re passionate about or is worthy of your attention, we can help you make the best food choices to help you fuel that passion.

How we can help:

  • Take you on a grocery store tour
  • Help you come up with healthy, individualized meal and snack ideas
  • Fuel your body for activity
  • Teach you how to meal plan
  • Talk to you about foods that can:
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Improve blood sugars
    • Decrease your cancer risk

If you’re convinced we’re the right fit for you, get in touch with us.