Culinary Nutrition

Okay, so you know what to eat but you’re struggling to get busy in the kitchen. We got your back for this one too! As busy entrepreneurs, we never underestimate the power of #mealprep. What does this mean? We will come into your home kitchen and give you a hand to help you maximize your time preparing good-for-you foods. This service is perfect for those looking to gain confidence in the kitchen or who need to be re-inspired to cook.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We complete a nutrition assessment to determine if you have specific goals or gaps in your nutrition
  • Together, we decide on a menu with 4 – 5 recipes curated by a Registered Dietitian
  • We will organize your grocery list and send you off to shop ahead of time
  • When we arrive at your home, we’ll spend about 2 – 3 hours preparing food
  • Throughout the session we will dish out as much nutrition information as we can

Your investment:

Culinary nutrition sessions start at $250.00. Because each client is unique, we’ll tailor a package that works for you. Travel fees may be applicable depending on home location.

*Note: If you have extended medical health benefits, your culinary nutrition session may be covered, and we may be able to direct bill your nutrition appointment for you. To see if your session would be covered, contact us.