2015: Taking the Weight Off Weightloss

Pictured above is a baked apple dessert my husband and I enjoyed before the countdown to 2015. Yum. Wow, what a year it has been. In 2014 I opened up to the cyber-universe and gave birth to this baby I call Carrots and Cake. How was your 2014?

And now, to think it's January 2015! This means for many North Americans, the diet has been “on” (or not) for 3 weeks?  This time around, I encourage you to forgo those rather "hardcore" New Year resolutions for weight loss. Even with the best of intentions it can be hard to stick to a weight loss resolution because we often view excess pounds as the “bad guy”.  Focusing so intently on weight can actually backfire.

I often see people resort to intense and unrealistic exercise regimes, give up staples in their diet, experiment with cleanses and dangerous detoxes and limit themselves to only a few select food items.  The result is usually an epic fail, physiological harm to your body and a lot of self-loathing. Does that sound like fun? This year, be kind to yourself.  Perhaps work on evolving a past resolution or mindfully select one specific goal unrelated to weight loss.

This year, be kind to yourself. 

Small steps and simple changes are easiest to achieve and will make a big difference as you move towards a healthier you.  If you want to cut down on fat intake, you’re more likely to stick with a switch from whole milk to 2% milk versus going all the way to skim milk.  If your goal is to be more active, it will be more manageable to start exercising 2 days a week versus heading to the gym 5 days a week.

To make sure you’re successful in achieving your goals, enlist support from friends and family.  Often, when you tell others what your resolutions are, they can offer encouragement and accountability to help you get over any stumbling blocks along the way.

If you’re still contemplating a few different ideas for a resolution as you welcome February 2015, here are a few suggestions to  improve your nutrition (and hey, maybe the weight will change, maybe it wont):

  • Incorporate a salad into one meal every day
  • Pack your lunch for work the night before
  • Drink more water—purchase a 1L water bottle and try to get through 1 - 2L during your work day
  • Increase your fibre intake by incorporating whole grains into your diet and munching on fresh fruits and vegetables
  • During winter months, take that daily Vitamin D supplement
  • Try going “meatless” on Monday’s
  • Limit eating at fast food restaurants

Before signing off on this article, I’d like to publicly declare that my personal goal this year is in fact an evolution of a previous goal I set in 2014. And that is, to eat more fish. I’ll keep everyone posted on how I do.  Happy New Year!

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- With Love, Carrots and Cake,

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